Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm trying, I'm trying

Here is a tale from last week to celebrate my now 16 year old.

So Gunnar got invited to a birthday party for a girl he met at Youth Conference. Unfortunately she lives 40 miles away and Gunnar doesn't drive. That's okay though as I have some birthday cash to spend and there is something I need in the "big" city ( I picked up a used 40 pound kettlebell). So off we go.

My errand doesn't take very long and so we have an hour to kill so he doesn't show up totally early. I proceed to pick up my dinner at Chipotle and for the first time ever there is no one in line before me. So that only killed two minutes.

I then took him to his first pawn shop - an excellent father/son bonding experience. You got to know where to buy your used CD's, video games, and movies - never pay retail.

We still have 20 minutes so I go to Kwik Trip to pick up a drink. I ask Gunnar if he wants one (with the party in a few minutes there might have been a chance he would say no, a very small chance). He says yes and I get a Diet Dew and he gets regular (I know!) Dr. Pepper with a Cherry flavor blast (aka red sugar syrup). While standing in line he manages to spill it down the front of his new white t-shirt (Yes, just standing in line).

This baby is ruined and the party is in 10 minutes. But never fear, being the BESTEST dad ever I know there is an Old Navy across the street so I jet over there for a new t-shirt. We get in the car and I suggest given his luck he should probably leave it in the bag until we get to the house; he can change in the car before going in.

So we proceed to drive to the house using the mapquest directions and suddenly we are in a fancy neighborhood with some MASSIVE homes. Then I see it and say:

Me: Is that it with all the kids playing Volleyball in the FRONT yard?
Gunnar: Crap, yes it is. Where am I going to change my shirt now? (BTW - he is starting to freak out - don't let him tell you different).
Me (jokingly): I could pull away from the curb and drive around the block?
Gunnar (full on losing it now): YES!! YES!! YES!!
Me: okie dokie

So I pull out and turn right (the house is on a corner) only to find it is a 30 yard dead end - a little round about at the end. So I drive about 5 mph and shirt change is successfully made and crisis averted. All thanks to awesome Dad.

I went to the movies to kill time and saw the Proposal - a very funny movie.

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Heather said...

Wow, what a story. You would think after 16 years he could keep a shirt clean, but then again mine are always dirty and I've been at it for 26.