Friday, September 4, 2009

My To Be Read Pile

Here is a look at my To Be Read pile that sits on my desk. I am about 25% the way through The Gargoyle and about a third the way through Flashforward. It is mainly nonfiction but I do have several fiction titles on order at my library with two of them arriving tomorrow (Laura Lippman and Lindsey Davis’ latest) which will need to be integrated.

The Gargoyle Andrew Davidson
Flashforward Robert Sawyer
Twenties Girl Sophie Kinsella
How We Decide Jonah Lehrer
The Body Fat Solution Tom Venuto
Inside the Gas Chambers Shlomo Venezia
Enough Already Peter Walsh
Anything for a Vote Joseph Cummings
Why We Suck Denis Leary
The Seven Sins of Memory Daniel Schacter
When Bad Things Happen To Good People Harold Kushner


Anonymous said...

The Gargoyle is pretty good. I just read Maus (a graphic novel) by Art Spiegelman. I think you would like it. It is a biography of his relationship with his father and his father's life as a Jew in Europe during WWII. There is Maus I and I am waiting for the library to get Maus II to finish the story. It is short but powerful. Suzanne

Lena said...

I have heard good things about Why We Suck, but I have not read it myself. I heard it was pretty crass, but, I don't think that will bother you!