Friday, September 4, 2009

Binding Bonds Broken

So on my internet travels I came across an interesting post about shaving on Justin Owings blog. Basically he had found plenty of research stating that shaving cream is nothing but a big gambit (i.e. a waste of money) and razor blades will last a lot longer than we think with one simple step. A step so simple a effective the razor blade companies do not really advertise it. The reason razors dull is the minerals found in water. If we leave our razors wet when we have finished shaving the water will evaporate eventually and leave mineral deposits on the blade. To avoid this simply run your razor down your towel a few times after rinsing it. Takes less than a second but it will at a minimum triple the life of your blade. And NEVER leave your razor in the shower!

Not one to spread wild rumors I have been running an experiment of one for the last two months. That’s right, I have been shaving JT to great effect. But really I have been shaving sand shaving cream for the last two months without any ill effect. In fact shaving takes less time as I can actually see what has gotten done and I have no complicated preshave lather ritual to do. My blade is also holding up just fine too.

No clue whether if this would also work for other lady bits and legs too, but it does fine for faces. So stop wasting money and pay off your mortgage sooner. Just say no to the cream!

FWIW – there was another suggestion for saving money, just don’t shave. The two methods for accomplishing this are demonstrated by wife’s brothers (well was demonstrated by Randy before he sold out). Anyways grow a beard like Randy, or avoid full maturity like Steve (so you can only manage a few scraggly chin hairs every month or so).

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