Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Semi-Deep Thoughts from the Shallow End

So I saw this video over at Male Pattern Fitness a week or so ago and it got me thinking. How often do we see someone accomplishing something significant in life and automatically devalue it in a bid to secure our own egos? Typically we say to ourselves "If I had the time or desire that they do, I could easily do it to." Consequently what they have done has no value. And we excuse ourselves from actually doing anything because we will do it one day. As if it will be just a matter of waking up and deciding to do it.

As Malcolm Gladwell pointed out in Outliers, what separates us from those who have succeed usually is a hell of a lot of hard work. Anotherwords, instead of devaluing others, they get off their ass and just do it. I like how Andy Roddick says "I get that a lot" when hearing it doesn't look that hard to return his serve on TV.

People are doing some amazing things with their lives out there, and we should be celebrating their achievements. Whether that be in sports, education, or even their hobbies; and if you think you can do it - just don't say that you could, get off the couch and pick up that weight, write that first paragraph of your book, or sign up for that class. Speak with your actions, not your smart ass mouth.

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Heather said...

Love the last serve (of course).