Thursday, July 2, 2009

Vacation of the mind

I have been on vacation both physically and mentally. Upon returning from Iceland I have spent all my time on Facebook playing silly games (bouncing balls) and Mafia Wars (I am level 20 and Parker is too). I do have about 100 pictures loaded up from Iceland on my profile page so please friend me if you want to see more (david michael peters), and please friend Parker as he is always open to meeting new people (parker peters)**. Though to be honest, Parker has some perverse interests in bodily functions and photographs of dogs in compromising positions.
Who knows, you might beat my high score on bouncing balls, or maybe even my good friend Sharon’s score, though I am pretty sure she made some sort of pact with the evil one to do so well.
**Please note I will unfriend anyone who abuses friend lists (i.e. people whose only goal is a high friend total), write disparaging comments abou tme (no matter how true they are), or are militant supporters of the United Way.

Some Photos

Grey Goose

Icelandic Horse - Cute and Delicious
Glacier Bay - Think Tomb Raider & Die Another Day

Words Cannot Express

Iceland is a natural wonderland - Geyser

Literally 100's if not 1000's of towering waterfalls

And of course, Cool American flavor

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