Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Most (Allegedly) Outrageous Filth Ridden Book Ever Written

And Tango Makes Three
by Peter Parnell & Justin Richardson

If you went to the ALA's most protested book website I referred to below, you will notice right away the number one fought book of this decade is this tale. The true story of the Central Park penguins Roy and Silo, who discovered each other and "fell in love." Frustrated that they could not have an egg like other couples they went through the motions of nursing rocks. One day the zoo keeper gave them an extra egg and they took care of it until little Tango was born. Since then they have raised Tango up to be an adult.

Of course the fear is if your child sees this true tale of a gay couple raising a baby successfully they will catch the gay. As if being gay was a choice. How many of you remember sitting down as a youth and weighing up your choice to become a heterosexual? It is all overblown paranoia.

Weakness of the book - It s assumed they are a gay couple. Maybe they are having sexual relations, but the book obviously does not get into that. Otherwise it is a straightforward story about two penguins trying to have a baby and then succeeding. Very tame.

Overall, I can only see this being threatening to people who have very incorrect notions of human sexuality. The fact it is a true story and told as tamely as possible should outweigh those concerns, but people are idiots.


Kelli said...

you know those penguins broke up.

TStevens said...

o maybe I will catch the gay in a few years - sort of a delayed onset.

That's cool, I can blame it on midlife crisis :-)

TStevens said...

What gets me is this is the mostprotested book written in the last 5 years - by a long shot. Crazy.

I am surprised King Dork did not make any lists - lots of HS sex in that one (btw - my college roommate did the voice work for the book on tape)

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.