Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stupid American Tourists

We went to the store for one last shopping trip as we are packing for tomorrow's trip home. Lisa bought $80 worth of Candy, Cookies, and Mustard. They use a special mustard on their Pylsur (Lamb Hot Dogs) and Lisa wanted a supply. We also can get a lot of unique candy and English cookies (HOB NOBS!!) very cheaply. Anyways the pretty blonde Icelandic cashier was looking at all our purchases and how much we spent and you can tell exactly what she was thinking - "Stupid American ..."

They are blonde and beautiful here, but as anywhere some are more beautiful than others. Getting ready for today's independence day celebration they were landscaping the past week. In the all the side roads they had crews of scraggily teen boys, but in the center of town at the main traffic round about they had four of the most stunning blonde Icelandic beauties working away in matching head bands and traditional swaeters. You can't tell me that was an accident.

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Lisa said...

Lots of cookies and mustard yeah!!!