Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Living Dead Girl – Book #67

Living Dead Girl
by Elizabeth Scott

This book is technically not on the banned books list, but that is only because it was published last year. I can pretty much guarantee it will be on this years list when it comes out. It might even displace Tango from the top.

I started this book right before bed thinking I would only read a few pages before falling asleep. I couldn’t put it down and read it right through. This book was disturbing and yet extremely thought provoking. It was icky, but beautiful. Ultimately it was extremely well written and will invade your thoughts; and if you are like me and a parent, you will hug your kids and keep them close.

You must remember there is no nice way to present child abuse. A young 10 year old girl is on a school trip to the zoo and is separated from here friends. She is found by Ray who takes her and for the next five years she has been his slave, having to endure repeated sexual abuse daily. Now despite starving her to keep her thin and underdeveloped, waxing to keep the appearance of youth, and hormones to prevent her from maturing, she has grown up and Ray doesn’t like that. It is time for him to find her replacement just like she was a replacement when taken. And this means her days are numbered as she knows Ray killed the last girl. She is a Living Dead Girl – dead inside and soon to be dead outside.

Why is it banned? The whole book is child abuse and repeated rape. Nothing is presented to be titillating or erotic, rather it will disturb you. Disturb you to want to do something to prevent this from happening to any child. Other books I have read along this same vein are David Pelzer’s memoirs (like A Boy Called It) and Alice Sebold’s Lovely Bones. These books will wrench your heart. You would have to be quite mature to read this and I would say maybe 17 at the earliest.

Mormon Mentions: None.

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