Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Peace Like A River – Book #63

Peace Like A River
By Leif Enger

This book has been on a lot of reading list, and given the author is a Minnesota native it has been pushed by my local library in their big read program. With all this going for it I really wanted to enjoy it. Unfortunately it didn’t work out that way.

I really liked the plot, at least the first 95% (i.e. I did not like the ending). It is a broken family of a spiritual father and his three kids. After having a run in with some town bullies the violence escalates. Ultimately the oldest son kills them when they break into his home, and then goes on the run. The story follows the rest of the family as they try to find not only their brother/son, but as they try to find themselves in this wreckage. In a larger sense it is a man of miracles searching for just one more; and the cost associated with obtaining it.

I did not like this author’s writing style, finding it hard to follow along at an engaged pace. But that is just my personal preferences at play and your experience would probably be very different. I mean, I also cannot stand Charles Dickens writing style at all, so Enger is in good company.

Mormon Mentions: None

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