Saturday, April 25, 2009

Things I liked this week

Imagine my brother-in-law, because this joke is funnier if you imagine it happening to him.

Steve (checking into a hotel on a business trip): I hope the porn in my room is disabled.

Check-in clerk: No, it's regular porn you sick pervert.


So Lisa and I were talking about the kids the other day, about how well they seem to fit in at school. They stand out because of their unusual names, but it works for them. Then she said this:

Lisa: Naming them (the oldest two) Gunnar and Qatar really worked out well. At least we didn't give them a boring name like Joe.

Yeah, that's what she said. So I replied:
"Like our other son, Joe?"

Because like a lot of you, Lisa forgot her own son JT, where the J stands for Joseph.

What an excellent mother.

I found my first penny of the season (i.e. the snow has melted).

Overheard the following from Qatar: "That is what I hate, Chinese people all look like women."

I think it has something to do with pokemon.

And finally I saw this cartoon on the internets this week.

And while it is funny on its own, it is bloody HILARIOUS when your oldest son has a good friend named Rex. I made sure I got him a copy to put on his wall immediately.

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