Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In Honor of the Last Post

Here are some great restrooms and toilet related images I have seen.

First is this art project where it is built out of one way mirrors. From the outside:

And from the insideMade to look like you are on top of a ski jump
For those of you who like to be judged
Inside/Under a large Aquarium
In the great outdoors
Minimalist Urinals
Those crazy Asians
Clever ad about the consequences of drunk driving
ALL the world is a stage


Nessa said...

I like the toilet made out of the mirrors!

Heather said...


shawn said...

I would SO use the minimalist set. The only thing it really needs is some close-standing shrubbery so that it really feels like going in the park in front of everybody. LOL.

TStevens said...

I could probably use them all if the need was great enough. That mirror one would be realy weird.