Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I've got nipples Greg

So at work I handle the correspondence with foreign government regulatory agencies (pretty hot - I know) in order to ship our food products to them. Today I got a letter back from Australia wanting to know the species and source of the dairy product ingredients used. For species he literally wrote:
"i.e. Bovine, ovine, corvine, etc."

Now most of you are probably familiar with bovines:

And some of you might know what an ovine is:
But if you are like me, you would need to look up corvine:
That's right - a corvine is anything related to crows. What the bloody hell are those Aussie's up to down there? And how is that even possible?? Unless he meant Sheryl Crow, but I think she would have trouble filling a 10,000 pound order. Of course I immediately thought of this gem:

He probably meant caprine, and I will let the more studious of you look that one up.


Nessa said...

Ah ha...a goat! Or, an animal related to a sheep that has a beard and straight horns. I feel smarter already.

Lisa said...

Goat you told me.

Nessa said...

Lisa- you're a cheater!