Saturday, April 11, 2009

My Name Is Thresher

I really should make a list of all the silly things I want to achieve in life, and then I could cross them off with unabandon pride.

As I go about my online life I try to add helpful comments where I can, using that BYU supplied social science degree to make the world a better, happier place. Sometimes it pays off and I don't even know it. I recently shared a touching missionary experience I had back in Coventry, all about the power of personal testimony. So spiritual in fact a Church owned publishing company used it in their newspaper. That's right, I was quoted in Mormon Times, the new supplement that comes with the Church News.

Here is the whole article online. And here is the quote from about 2/3rd's the way down.

Quotable comment: "Testimony of a 5 year old on my mission. I know the Book f Mormon is Blue, and Joseph Smith is a man. Still works." -- TStevens,commenting on "Mormon rhetoric: the social uses of meaningless words."

In terms of Mormoniness, I totally rock as a Church published author now; up there with the GA's. Everyone must Bow Down before my greatness now when I make comments in Sunday School, because I am the man! The big call will becoming any day now - I feel it.

And Steve - autographs only AFTER Sacrament - NOT during.


meredith said...

Are you going to start selling? We want to be first in line. Autographs, laundry lint, just let us know.....

Nessa said...

We are bowing right now!