Friday, April 10, 2009

It Was Short

Splitting Heirs
by Rick Hanson

The plot was tenuous, the writing okay, the humour had its moments, but overall the best thing was the length. Based on that alone, I will read another one in the series hoping it will be better on the other characteristics.
Splitting heirs stars ex-Vietnam vet, ex-policeman, part-time sculptor, amateur detective Adam McCleet, his dedicated and sophisticate girlfriend, and obnoxious sister. Allegedly he did a good deed for a recently deceased millionaire, and according to the will he gets 2.1 million dollars along with the other 7 inheritors. All he has to do is prove that someone in the room (at the will reading) is a murderer by the time they meet again in a month. And so on and so forth. Like I said the plot is really stretched, but maybe if I had wrote 4 books already m writing would be to. So like I said I will visit and earlier work in the series and see if it is any better.

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