Friday, December 4, 2009

Sexist Double Standards

So with the release of the latest Twilight movie New Moon, I am seeing a lot of women swooning over Team Jacob. Our young werewolf hero Jacob, as portrayed by Taylor Lautner, spends a lot of the movie shirtless.
So we have a lot of 40 something women openly expressing their appreciation/desire for a 17 year old boy and yet the general reaction is "Well, he is hot!!" So the bottom line is it is totally okay.

Yet if I as a 40 year old male were to vocally swoon over say Hermione Granger, as portrayed by Emma Watson
The general reaction would be that I am a sick, disgusting, old pervert who should be locked up, even though she is totally 19.

See, sometimes the double standards work in your favor ladies.


Heather said...

eeew. when we were in the movie theater watching New moon, some ladies (much older than I) started screaming for "Jacob" when he first came on screen shirtless. My friend leaned over to me and said "eeeww, why are they screaming? He's like 16!" I totally agree with her. He is ripped, but for me at least there is no attraction.

But I did have to laugh when we saw "Edward" on screen without his shirt on and he looked so nasty! Pale, kinda hairy, not very ripped (especially next to Jacob) and One of his nipples looks deformed. Isn't he supposed to be the "perfect" one? LOL.

Organic Meatbag said...

Hell, you can't smile at a girl working at the counter at McDonalds nowadays without being considered the next Ted Bundy...