Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dying Light - Book #109

| Title |Dying Light |
| Author |Stuart MacBride |
| Genre |Mystery (Tartan Noir) |
| Pages |424 |
| Publisher |St. Martins |
| Copyright |2006 |

Synopsis (from web-site)
Detective Sergeant Logan MacRae has been bumped to the "Screw-up Squad," a team made up of the most worthless or inexperienced members of the homicide department, and Logan will do anything to prove he doesn't belong there. Including working overtime on two baffling cases: the murder by arson of six people, and the beating to death of a prostitute down by the docks, not a high priority compared to the fire. At least not until another prostitute ends up dead. Although both cases seem simple on the surface--turns out the fire's victims are part of a drug dealer's inner circle, and what fate is to be expected for working girls in Aberdeen's red-light district?--in Stuart MacBride's hands, what's going on in this rainy Scottish city is bound to be much more complicated than it appears.

Why I read It
Scottish Police Procedural – what’s not to love?? I originally became aware of MacBride through his blog which was linked on Sarah Weinman’s site. If you have any interest at all in Mystery books you must visit Sarah’s site to get all the latest news. Most of my favorite authors I have found through her. Anyway I was reading his blog regularly when he announced his first novel, Cold Granite, was being published. I read that when it came out but then over the next year forgot about him. Saw one of his new books the other week and so I went and got this his second one.

The Good
Good solid gritty crime with MacBride making the case for Aberdeen being the most violent city in Scotland.

The Bad
The bad guy was a little too cartoonish.

The Ugly (my opinion)
A good effort and worth the time. That said, all these Scottish crime novels I have been reading are making Scotland to be the most dangerous place in the world. Definitely reading book three.

Mormon Mentions

Author BiographyStuart MacBride lives in the North East of Scotland, where he writes gruesome crime novels and grows gruesome potatoes.

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