Saturday, December 12, 2009

Missing Mark - Book #107

| Title |
Missing Mark |
| Author |
Julie Kramer |
| Genre |Mystery |

| Pages |273 |
| Publisher |
Doubleday |
| Copyright |2009 |

Synopsis (from web-site)
In this page-turning sequel to the national bestseller Stalking Susan, TV reporter Riley Spartz pursues a curious story of a bride left at the altar and finds herself caught in a dangerous missing-person case.

When Riley Spartz sees a want ad reading "Wedding Dress for Sale: Never Worn," her news instincts tell her the backstory might make an intriguing television sweeps piece.

The groom, Mark, last seen at the rehearsal dinner, never showed up for the wedding, humiliating his bride, Madeline—and her high-strung, high-society mother—in front of 300 guests. His own mother, eager to spare him further embarrassment, waited weeks before filing a missing-person report, and then learned how difficult it is to get police, or the media, interested in missing men.

Now Riley is up against a boss who thinks finding a famed missing fish will net the station higher ratings, a meth cartel trying to assassinate a K-9 dog because of his powerful nose for drugs, and a neighbor who holds perpetual garage sales that attract traffic at odd hours.

When her missing-person ca se leads to a murder investigation, Riley discovers a startling motive for Mark's disappearance—and a TV exclusive guaranteed to win the ratings... if she lives to report it.

Why I read It
This is book two of Julie Kramer's series and I really enjoyed book 1 Stalking Susan. Plus Kramer is a local writer, so even better. These books were originally recommended to me by a coworker.

The Good
Great mystery and wonderful writing. It also opens up a lot of the inside world of TV news reporting. Plus if you have any Minnesota experience you can have “secret insider” knowledge that just adds to the book. We had just been to several of the places mentioned (
Underwater World and the Mary Tyler Moore statue just the week before)

The Bad
I am not buying the romantic relationship - but that is a very small part of the story.

The Ugly (my opinion)
Fantastic book. I hope this series just goes on and on.

Mormon Mentions

Author BiographyJulie Kramer is a freelance news producer for NBC's Today show, Nightly News, and Dateline. Prior to that she was a national award-winning investigative producer for WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. Julie grew up along the Minnesota-Iowa state line, fourth generation of a family who raised cattle and farmed corn for 130 years. Her favorite childhood days were spent waiting for the bookmobile to bring her another Phyllis A. Whitney novel. An avid reader, she tired of fictional TV reporters always being portrayed as obnoxious secondary characters who could be killed off whenever the plot started dragging. She lives with her husband and sons in White Bear Lake, MN.

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