Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Island Paradise

Yesterday we did a driving tour of one of the Western peninsulas. I may have my Icelandic wrong but I believe it is called

Technically it is spelled Snaefellsnes.

Anyways it was very pretty with waterfalls, ocean views, and fjords everywhere. We saw Icelands natural mineral spring (not that impressive), climbed a Waterfall, and went down to a beach. Along the way we went through a town called Grundarfjordur which is wonderful. It is defintely one of those places you could just live in for its beauty alone. Though Rick said during the winter the sun doesn´t rise for months at a time.

Gunnar and I had heard legend about how beautiful Icelandic women were supposed to be. For the most part it seemed like any other place until we stopped for a drink and candy bar experiment in a gas station in Lynghagi. You two girls behind the counter when you read this (they might google Lynghagi one day), you did your country proud and have kept the legend alive.

Candy bar experiments: I have told the boys we are not allowed to buy anything we can get at home. If I wanted that we would have stayed home. Anyways we had a lovely chocolate bar whiched turned out to have a liquorice center running the length of the bar. We have determined that Lakkris is liquorice in Icelandic.

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