Monday, June 8, 2009

Things forgotten

I realized this morning I forgot shaving cream, and my back up plan failed as Rick uses a electric razor. I did learn that you can have a decent shave with hand soap.

But the best is illustrated by this conservation*** from Saturday morning's packing.

Me: Hey, Lisa, where is my card reader for my camera?
Lisa: I packed it already.
Me: Where? I usually pack it with my carry on with my camera.
Lisa: (Said in an EXTREMELY condescending tone) I Packed it in my video camera bag so all the rechargers and readers are in one place. If I left you responsible for anything we would never have anything. Thank goodness that I, the GREAT Lisa, is here, or NOTHING would ever get done. By the way, you are an Idiot for even asking - loser!!!!
Me: What about my battery recharger?

Fast forward to about 4 hours into the flight, somewhere over Greenland.
Lisa, popping up from a nap: I forgot the camera bag.
Then somehow she made it into my fault for not packing my own stuff.

***Even though I am pretty convinced this is a word for word conversation, Lisa seems to think it was slightly different. To be fair I will admit I removed the profanities she used when answering me, just because I love her too much to show the rest of you the unvarnished truth.


Heather said...

Sounds like something I would do to Randy.

Renee Anderson said...

Love to read your blog right before shut eye as it leaves me with a smile!
Looking forward to your next observations and comments!