Monday, June 1, 2009

You Are Crazy

As I have gotten older I have realized that desiring to be Bishop is a sign of a truly immature, in the spiritual and emotional sense, individual. I remembering having aspirations (for other callings) as a younger man and then, of course, they grew as I did. But I have noticed, particularly over the last 5 years, Bishop is just about the last thing I would ever want to be. If any of you still harbor thoughts on this “promotion” I recommend spending a Sunday skipping your classes and sitting in the foyer watching the Bishop’s door. Watch how he spends his time in constant counseling sessions – and this is his life 24/7.
Now I realize there are some highlights, like working with the youth, actually helping people who want to be help, and generally making a difference. But a lot of what I have witnessed is a never ending meeting with people who do not want to change; they either want to be told what they are doing is alright (when it clearly isn’t) or have everyone else change to meet their needs. Worse yet, you have wonderful people who are your friends going through some really hard times, needing your help. And I am sure in the back of your mind is the thought that you are struggling to figure out your own life and your family’s; but you put it on hold to help others.
Being Bishop is something you step up to when called upon, but no sane or emotionally stable person would ever seek it out. That said I have often looked about my ward and thought who would be a great Bishop and I find I keep coming down to one criteria. The one thing that is the make or break standard upon which I judge all men in this calling, would their spouse make a good Bishop’s wife? More than anything else, this is all I need to know.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Never will I be a bishops wife. I am not the giving type. This is Lisa

meredith said...

LOL I know that Shawn will never be bishop b/c I am not up to snuf as a bishop's wife. off the top of my head, I think Renee A. and Sarah W. would make great bishop's wives and that Carolyn White totally rocks as a bishop's wife. All 3 have that intangible quality you can't quite put your finger on.

Heather said...

I visit teach with our bishops wife. She is the LAST to know everything! He can't tell her much of any goings on and everyone else just assumes she already knows 'stuff'.
i think Randy would be a great bishop, but I'm much too demanding of him to be the bishops wife. I truly hope our bishop isn't going anywhere though.

TStevens said...

I am not one to name names publicly, it was just something I was thinking about. It is a funny thing what we use to judge, for better or worse.
I also think being the last to know anything is another great sign - one that the Bishop isn't sharing everything, and two (and more important imho) it is a sign she cares more about serving others than gossipable material.
To contradict myself though, I could happily be ina ward with Randy as my Bishop.