Friday, September 3, 2010

The Usual Denials

FYI – I know you all have been asking but I just want to say the following story from Arizona has nothing to do with me.

Story Highlight

ASU students are on alert, after police issue a warning about a man who's been groping students walking on campus. A man on a mountain bike groped a 20-year-old and put his hand under her shirt.

While I get it totally sounds like me, I just want to clarify I haven’t been to Tempe lately and I ride a Surly LHT.

I also haven’t been to New Jersey recently either. But a good time could just mean a game of Uno – just saying.

In other news Lisa had no comment when asked to confirm or deny if she had been in Bremerton.

Finally, my brother in law Steve relocated to D.C. last year and now the capitol has been named the worst driver’s in America according to an Allstate insurance poll. COINCIDENCE??*


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