Friday, September 10, 2010

My New Shoes

I used some of my birthday money to invest in some new running shoes. The Vibram Five Fingers are a shoe that allows you to experience barefoot running without actually being barefoot. For the most part I have been running in cheap aquasocks which have worked well, but their durability has been limited. The VFF’s should last a lot better.

Now if any of you are thinking of moving to a minimalist running shoe, be aware it doesn’t happen overnight. It has taken me about a year to get to the point wherein I can go on a 5 mile run in these shoes and not hurt myself. We have years of wearing elevated shoes that we have basically disabled our natural foot stike, calf muscles, and achilles tendon. If you do not gradually build them back up and try to rush it, you will definitely regret it.

The benefit though makes it worth it. On average 80% of runners will experience some sort of running injury any given year. This style of running has allowed me to run injury free for the first time in 15 years. The biggest change to my running has been in my stride. I used to focus on my foot stike and push off, but now I spend my time thinking about my knee lift – the opposite. I pull my feet off the ground rather than worrying about how they hit it.

For more information please read the book Born to Run by Chris McDougall or watch this video of a presentation he gave a Google Headquarters.


Heather said...

Interesting...I don't like running though, unless it involves a goal like hitting a volleyball or catching a fly ball. I guess running away from 'bad guys' works too.

Lena said...

My BIL loves his and wears them like normal shoes. I'm not a runner, so i dont get it, but if they work the hey! More power to you!

Kris said...

OK, I want updates on these. I have seen people wearing them. even one in a marathon, but just don't know....

Probably not good for winter running?