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Why We Suck - Book #90

Title Why We Suck: A feel good guide to
staying fat, loud, lazy, and stupid

Author Dr. Denis Leary
Genre Nonfiction
Pages 240
Publisher Viking
Copyright 2008

Synopsis (from web-site)
Would like to not SUCK?
Do you know other people who SUCK?
Would you like to tell them how to SUCK less or how to possibly become totally SUCK-free?
Then buy this book, because inside Dr. Denis Leary is ready to help you overcome all the sucky things that make you such a suckass. Not to mention all the fat, loud, lazy and stupid suckholes you have to deal with at the office, family gatherings or while using public transportation.
Part memoir, part self-help tome but definitely a full-time funny assault on all the posers, politicians and pop culture icons who have sucked in public for far too long, this book is a call to arms for everyone who feels the way the good doctor does:
Skinny jeans are for skinny people.
Men will never change. Not even into clean underwear.
If God didn’t want us to eat meat, why did he make the cow so slow? (Ever eaten a cheetah-burger? Nope. And you never will.)
Buy this book and you will hopefully laugh out loud, call your mom a little more often and never vote for a member of the Bush family ever again.
At the very least, though, you’ll have yourself a nice big twenty-six-dollar coaster to place your drink on while you watch TV. And isn’t that reason alone to buy it?

Why I read It
I think Denis Leary is funny because he is extremely honest. Plus I like the title.

The Good
Very funny and VERY insightful. If you have ever been frustrated by the touchy feely, politically correct, can’t face the truth bullshit that is modern society; than this book will speak to you. If not, you probably need to read this book and get your head on straight.

The Bad
He writes like he talks; very fast and all over the place. It is really hard to keep up and you are only reading him. Needless to say he is very profane and many would label him insensitive.

The Ugly (my opinion)
Loved it, but be aware what you are getting into if you read it. For example, his premise that most parents who classify their little angels as special or gifted in some way are really trying to justify that they are not totally asshats in another. That might upset a few people who don’t want to face the truth.

The Truth? (other reviews)
USA Today

Mormon Mentions

Author Biography
Denis Leary is a five-time loser at the Academy Of Television Arts And Science’s annual Emmy Awards. Most recently he lost in the category of Best Supporting Actor In A Miniseries Or Movie for his role as Michael Whouley in HBO’s Recount.
Denis has previously lost four times for Best Actor In A Drama and once for Best Writing In A Drama, all those nominations emanating from his work on FX’s critically acclaimed ‘Rescue Me’.
He was also nominated for a Best Actor Golden Globe by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for the drama, which follows New York City firefighters.
Once again — he lost.
Mr. Leary hopes to one day get nominated for — and more than likely not win — an Oscar, a Grammy and a Tony Award.
In 2006 he was given an Honorary Doctorate In The Fine Arts from his obviously well-informed and very selective alma mater Emerson College, located in Boston, Massachusetts.
To celebrate this achievement and share his wit and wealth of knowledge with the rest of America, Dr. Denis Leary has written ‘Why We Suck — A Feel Good Guide To Staying Fat, Loud, Lazy And Stupid’, which will be published by Viking Press in November of 2008.
Dr. Leary hopes this comic memoir and self-help tome will not only change the world, but also sell enough copies to pay for the university educations of his two teenage children.
And a boat.
Denis really, really wants a boat.
One of those big ones with people whose job it is to just be on the boat all the time in case — on some sudden whim or just a champagne bender — you decide you want to go for a ride on the ocean and look at giant fish.
Like whales.
Who are actually mammals.
(What any mammal is doing still hanging around underwater while the rest of us are up here on dry land enjoying cheeseburgers, Heidi Klum and the internet is way beyond Dr. Leary’s area of expertise.)
Dr. Leary thinks having full-time, boat-bound butlers would be pretty goddam cool.
Also, the more copies of ‘Why We Suck’ he sells, the more likely it is he could get nominated for — and, of course, not receive — The National Book Award.
In his long and storied entertainment career Denis has also never won The Stanley Cup, The Nobel Peace Prize or an argument with his wife.

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I have heard so much good about this book. I need to add it to my too-read list. Its way too big...