Thursday, October 29, 2009

Most Awesome Thing I Saw On The Internet Today

I am going to try a new regular post where I will attached links to the stuff I really liked that day.

To start off I want to share this bulliten board post from my work's intranet. It is from the "FREE" board and has the following content:

One of our 2 farm cats had her first baby late this summer. I am afraid it won't survive outside in a Minnesota winter so I would like to give it away to a home that will keep it indoors. It is completely black with light gray tiger striping on its back. It does eat cat food but it is not litter box trained as it is living under our front steps. It's very friendly and purrs loudly when pet and is probably about 2 months old. I don't have a picture of it but it looks very similar to the kitten on the left of the attached photo. I don't recall which sex it is either.

Maybe I am not a cat person but the attached picture with the above qualifier (in bold) made me laugh for a good long time.

Yeah, that one on the left is sooooooo distinctive!

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