Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Redbreast – Book #1

| Title | The Redbreast |
| Author |Jo Nesbo |
| Genre |Fiction - Mystery |
| Pages |521 |
| Publisher |HarperCollins |
| Copyright |2000 (trans. 2006) |

Synopsis (from web-site)
Voted the 'Best Norwegian Crime Novel of All Time'
The book, published by Harvill Secker and translated from the Norwegian by Don Bartlett, is set in the weeks before the new millennium. It follows Harry Hole, a police officer of seven years and a recovering alcoholic, who is forced to make a judgement call which ultimately and unexpectedly results in his promotion to inspector. He is assigned the task of monitoring neo-Nazi activities; fairly mundane until he hears of an unusual gun being fired. Then a former World War II soldier is found with his throat cut and things take a bloody turn.

Why I read It
I really enjoy Swedish and Icelandic fiction so I testing the waters of other Scandinavian countries, Norway in this case.

What I Thought About It
I am always apprehensive when I start a new (to me) author and the book is fairly large. I guess I am afraid of commitment, because life is too short to waste time on books I don’t like. This is why you will rarely see me be really negative about a book; I will quit reading it if it doesn’t grab me by page 50. This book delivered though. Strong mystery and it was tied into history which is always an added bonus for me. I never knew about Norway’s involvement with the Nazi’s on the Russian front. Even with that the mystery boils down to a crime of resentment and jealousy, and the solution is obtained with solid police work. Real crime with authentic investigation, perfect.

Funny because I am immature, the lead character is named Harry Hole. It probably has different connotations in the original Norwegian.

Mormon Mentions

Author Biography
Jo Nesbø worked as a freelance journalist and a stockbroker before he began his writing career. The No.1 national bestseller, The Bat Man, is the first installment in the Harry Hole series. He sings and writes songs for the band Di Derre. He has also tried his hands on writing children's books.

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