Monday, January 4, 2010

It is time for the Thresher Awards

So this year I officially managed to read 119 books, not my best since I started keeping track back 7 years ago, but still pretty good (I read 122 in 2006). Now I realize most of you will not be inclined to read back through all the reviews so I will make my annual best of the best list; the top five nonfiction and fiction books of the year.

Now this may not be as prestigious as some of the other book awards out there, but it might be one day. To qualify I must have read your book in the year 2009 regardless of when you published it. I won’t list all 119 out here, but here are the statistics I kept track of:
119 total books
37 Nonfiction books
82 Fiction books
39 Female Authors
80 Male Authors

And for you statistic nerds out there;
31 Fiction books by Female Authors
8 Nonfiction books by Female Authors
51 Fiction Books by Male Authors
29 Nonfiction Books by Male Authors

This upcoming year I will also keep track of pages read. Please suggest any other stats that would be interesting. Award posts to follow shortly.


Heather said...

On average how long does it take you to read one book?

TStevens said...

365 days divided by 119 is approximately 3 days :-)

But I did take the month off we went to Iceland, so ??

I know if the writing is good I can cruise about 100 pages an hour for an average sized book (as to words per page).

The secret is to grow up in a country without English speaking television for your formative years (4-8 years old).

Lena said...

I would like to see how long it took you to read each book. Cause you read some long ones and it seems like you cruise through them all pretty fast. I will never read that fast!