Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is what we in the business call parenting 2

So we picked up a X-box 360 on the cheap earlier this week and the boys have been glued to it. So at lunch I come home and find Gunnar playing some Star Wars game with Qatar watching. The following conversation took place:

Qatar: What planet are you on?
Gunnar: Felucia.
Qatar: You know what is easy on Felucia?

Wait, it only gets better.

Qatar is oblivious to my joke while Gunnar finds it mildly amusing. Back to the conversation:

Qatar: No, the Rancors.
Me: That is sick that you know Rancors are easy.
Qatar: No, I beat them.
Me: Really? How many Rancors did you beat off?
Qatar (very proudly): 16!

By now Gunnar and I have lost it & Qatar catches a clue.

Qatar: You guys are sick.
Me: We are? Even on a video game beating off 16 Rancors is just wrong.

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Nessa said...

I weep for the future! :)