Saturday, August 15, 2009

Celebutards – Book #72

Title Celebutards
Author Andrea Peyser
Genre Non Fiction
Pages 230
Publisher Citadel Press
Copyright 2009

Synopsis (from web-site)

What is a CELEBUTARD? This blunt term describes lazy and egotistical stars with too much money, fame, leisure time, and media attention, but too little common sense or knowledge, who love to spout off on topics about which they have zero expertise.

Why I read It
Making fun of egotistical Hollywood celebrities who believe their opinions on world politics are like the gifts from the Gods to us peons down below. What’s not to love?

The Good
In a short few pages the author decimates the credibility of the major players of the politically active Hollywood set. I love this quote by Mimi Rogers talking about her ex-husband Tom Cruise. "He was seriously thinking of becoming a monk," Rogers told Playboy. "He thought he had to be celibate to maintain the purity of his instrument, but my instrument needed tuning, and we had to split.'

The Bad
Given the format the presentation is completely one sided and biased. If you lean conservative you will like this book; liberals, not so much.

The Ugly (my opinion)
Beyond all the gossipy fun of bringing down the house on sand a lot of the Celebutards live in, the larger point rings true. Why in the hell does anyone care what some actor thinks about politics? Does being good looking and rich give you some special insights to life? If anyone else came to us and started sharing random political thoughts I think we would be a little more judicious. But it seems a lot of people say to themselves “Hey, (insert celebrity here) is really funny so what they have to say must be true.” Anyways a fun and quick read. I just wish she had gone after the other side as well.

Mormon Mentions

Author Biography

"Growing up in Queens in the 1970s was a little like death, except less interesting," Andrea Peyser wrote in a 2004 column lamenting the untimely demise of Johnny Ramone, one of Andrea's local heroes while growing up. She was born in Manhattan and lived briefly in the Bronx, before Andrea's parents, immigrants from Europe by way of Israel, settled in Bayside, Queens. There, Andrea learned to ride a bike and take the subway back into Manhattan. In between, she managed to graduate from Bayside High School, and then from the state University of New York.

Andrea started her career in upstate New York with the Associated Press in Albany, then the AP bureau in Charleston, W.Va. She has worked for CNN in Atlanta, and the Tampa Tribune in Florida, before finally returning home to the New York Post, where she started as a reporter. She was named columnist in 1993.

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