Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Dad would be so jealous

One of the benefits of our little town is the Austin Artist series. This organization schedules 5 concerts through the year and they are always wide ranging in their appeal, but almost always fun and extremely talented. Last night was no exception as we closed out the 2010 season with Riders in the Sky, an old school singing cowboy western band. I was a little surprised at how many of the songs I knew, but in retrospect this is the music I grew up with as a kid as my father loves it (Think Gene Autry).

Anyways, they have been playing together for over thirty years so it was fun to watch how easy they made it all look even though you could tell they were technically brilliant. Of course their banter and jokes were spot on, but I always wonder how many times they have told the same jokes over their nearly 6000 performances? The kids had a good time, especially as they went through the medely of Disney songs they did for Toy Story (Woody’s Round-up being the best known). All that was missing was a banjo picker, but maybe that doesn’t fit into the genre.

The other big news was the announcement that next season will include a group from the cities perfroming the musical Forever Plaid. I don’t know much about it but one of my last college roommates absolutely loved it. On that alone I am looking forward to it.

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