Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Would Tommy Monson Do?

I had what we in the RM business call a golden opportunity, but I let it pass unanswered.

The Set-up. I was at the Doctor's for my annual check up and was being registered by the new medical assistant. She was an extremely bubbly 50 something who talked excitedly the whole time she took my vitals. Then she began typing in ny history including my living arrangements.

I said I was married and lived in my own home. She began typing lives with wife but accidentally wrote wifes.

Her: "Oh look, I have given you extra wives" (followed by laughter)
I immediately felt like I should say "Well actually I am Mormon," and then possibly have a gospel conversation.

Instead I resisted the impression and just gave her a courtesey laugh and let the moment pass.

Missionary Fail :-(

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Anonymous said...

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