Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It is the end of all that is good

In the news today I learned that BYU Hawaii is banning this!
Wait, that is close but they are actually banning this**
That's right, they have banned kissing rugby.

I remember my first experiences at BYU and thus Mormons on a large scale. I never realized what a liberal LDS member I was until I arrived in Provo. But even among all the nervousness of being a 17 year old alone, and slightly ostracized due to my occasional profanity there was one activity that brought me into the fold of Zion. Not only did slightly uptight Mormon college girls want you to kiss them, they also aggressively tried to kiss you at the same time. Granted the slight polygamy overtones of wrestling with two women couldn't be overlooked, it was still hot; and by hot I mean awesome.

"Kissing rugby is an aggressive sport where rug burns are as common as kissing. It's played with a large group of boys and girls. Each boy gets a number assigned to him and the girls are assigned letters. Everyone makes a circle with boys on one side, girls on the other. Someone gets in the middle and calls out a number and a letter (i.e. D--5) and then "D" and "5" enter the circle and attack the member of the opposite sex. If a girl is in the middle to start then the boy "5" attacks her while the girl "D" attacks "5." A point is scored when either "D" or "5" lands a kiss anywhere on the face (ears count) of the other person. Whoever is kissed has to remain in the middle, call out a number and a letter, and avoid getting kissed in the next round."

I only hope the out of control wave of fascism hasn't reached the other two BYU's before my sons get to experience it.

**I am pretty sure they have banned that too


Paigie said...

Ya know I went to BYU and never played that game, I think it may have been secretly banned along time ago. sorry

Heather said...

How could I live in Utah my whole life and have never heard of this game? I'm sorry to disappoint you David.

TStevens said...

Paige you were one of those sister missionary types and Heather you were married at 15 - so you guys weren't at the right parties.

It is an awesome get to know you game.

Paigie said...

I was the sister the missionary type? ha ha ha! thats right mom and dad I was the sister missionary type! Remember David there is a decade plus gap between us

Parker said...

Paige - it isn't my fault you weren't invited to the right parties.