Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It turns out I am not as pervy as previously thought

A few weeks ago I saw a trailer for the movie Percy Jackson and the Olympians. In it I saw something that reminded me of a literary idea I have been wrestling with and before I proceeded I wanted to check it out. Just making sure I wasn’t walking down an already worn path. Anyways all was well and the books were really fun. I told my family about them and most read all five in the series as well.

I also decided (look at me – the powerful man who will be obeyed!!) we should go see the movie as a family. Here comes the pervy part. In Harry Potter book 1 the kids were written as being 11 years old. Here is a picture of Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) in the first movie.

Pretty good representation of a 11 year old.

In book one of Percy Jackson the kids are written as 12 years old. Here is a picture of Annabeth Chase(Alexandra Daddario) in the first movie.

Either 12 year olds have really changed or I have totally got my creepy uncle vibe going on. Luckily IMDB is there to set the record straight as the actress is 24 years old. The movie went with an older portrayal of the kids to sell it as a teen movie (I guess). So no need for me to start growing facial hair, this Annabeth is acceptably hot and that only makes me mildly creepy. Just like all you Taylor Lautner fans ladies (except he is like totally underage you bunch of perves!)

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Miss Cellania said...

I have three little girls ages 11, 12, and 12. I can attest that, actresses or not, on their 12th birthday they suddenly change from the first picture to the second one.

It is frightening.