Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I used to run because I was good at it – relatively speaking. That was back in the day when bulking up meant getting my weight to 185 pounds; and that was hard to do. But those days are gone and I now jog for the sake of exercise and weight loss. And to get my blood lipid levels back in line.

So a month ago I had a lipid profile done and the results were not good. I made a concession to my Doctor that I would go on a hypertension drug if I didn’t get it under control. In conjunction with my bad lipid profile I once again had elevated blood pressure, so I am now on a Calcium Channel Blocker. So I made another commitment that if my lipids were not better by September I would go back on to the meds. I have generally avoided them because of some bad side effects over the years, and I know it can be controlled by diet and exercise if I wasn’t so lazy.

Anyways here are my terrible results:
Cholesterol 235
Triglycerides 1245

So you can get the sense from those two numbers about how bad I am; and yes I was fasting. So after 4 weeks of walking and generally eating right I had a quick lipid test at work as part of our work/health program. Here are those results
Cholesterol 188
Triglycerides 533

And my blood pressure was normal, but that was helped by the drugs. And the guy who gave me the results didn’t think that my results were that stunning, but I was dutifully impressed with myself. Especially after only four weeks.

Now to give myself a little break (i.e. excuse) the genetics are against me. I have metabolic disorder and have been dealing with this for about 20 years when my ability to manage my triglycerides just collapsed in college. Another symptom is my almost total lack of HDL. I am still sitting at 15 which is bad, but I generally find that it is an ordered recovery. I have to get my weight and tri’s down prior to making a dent in that problem. Even then I only get up to the mid 30’s.

If I get my weight down below 210 pounds (I am at 245 currently) I will start to wear my watch running and keep track of my times. For now I just go out and have fun.


Kris said...

Actually, I am REALLY impressed! I have to watch my cholesterol also...but my "good" is very high, but it is also a heredity thing. Bleah. Keep up the good, hard work!

TStevens said...

My battle is triglycerides - any carbohydrates and they elevate. But carbohydrates are so so delicious.

Heather said...

good job. I'm impressed with the work you've I'll go have me some carbs.

Tara said...

That's awesome! Now I wish I had gotten a blood test before I began my weight loss journey!